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Det danske Udenrigsministeriums rejseanbefalinger vedr. Italien:


I Italien opererer man nu med 3 forskellige risiko-kategorier: gul, orange og rød zone (MÅ IKKE FORVEKSLES med Udenrigsministeriets gule, orange og røde lande).

Gul zone er mindst restriktiv, rød zone er mest restriktiv.

Regionerne placeres i de respektive zoner afhængig af smittetryk (Rt). I øjeblikket afgør det italienske Sundhedsministerium ugentligt, hvilken zone hver region skal placeres i.

D. 11.01.2021 ligger Toscana i GUL zone, men dette revideres som sagt hver uge.

Restriktioner for gul, orange, rød zone: (klik på billedet)

Hvilken zone er de forskellige regioner i (italiensk):

De generelle covid retningslinjer, som skal følges af alle (engelsk):

General recommendations

  • People with a respiratory infection characterized by fever (over 37.5° C) should stay at home and contact their doctor.
  • Persons subject to quarantine by order of the health authority are prohibited from moving from their home or residence
  • Gatherings of people in public places or places open to the public is still forbidden. It is still mandatory to respect the recommended social distance of at least 1 metre between one person and another.
  • Thorough hand, personal and environmental hygiene is recommended.
  • It is mandatory to carry a face mask with you at all times. These must be worn, not only in closed spaces accessible to the public, as in the past, but also in indoor spaces in general, other than private homes, and also in all outdoor spaces. Exceptions are made in cases where, due to the characteristics of the place or the actual circumstances, the condition of isolation from non-residents is continuously guaranteed. Children under six years of age, people with pathologies or disabilities incompatible with the use of a face mask and those who interact with the latter, are excluded from the obligation to wear a face mask. Furthermore, the use of a face will not be mandatory during any sports activity.
  • The use of a face mask is also strongly recommended in private homes, if there are non-residents visiting.
  • Any form of assembly is forbidden
  • It is strongly recommended to refrain from travelling by public or private means of transport, with the exception of work, study and health related reasons, any urgent matters, or when carrying out activities or using services that are still available.

Se yderligere covid information på engelsk på det italienske Sundhedsministeriums website:


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